Idea Validation Bootcamp 

This 6 week ‘bootcamp’ enabled founders to explore and validate the opportunities that exist for their business idea. Founders learned how to make and test assumptions about their business through in-depth customer interviews. The process allows for de-risking of new ventures and highlighted incorrect assumptions and critical risks early enough that they can still be amended. 

On this programme participants achieved: 

  • Clarity on their business vision 
  • Defined who their customer was 
  • Conducted customer interviews 
  • Examined numerous assumptions relating to the idea and tested them with customers 
  • Recognized where in the market their product/vision fits. 
  • Understand the commercial viability of the business 

This mentor led bootcamp was all about understanding the customer and founders were guided and supported throughout.  The aim of the programme is to allow founders to determine whether they have a ‘go’ / ‘no go’ business idea early. Consider it a rapid testing/validation process.