Entrepreneurship for Innovation in Food Industry

Program offered within the subject Research, Development and Innovation in the Food Industry, Master in Novel Foods, Faculty of Science (course 2021-2022). Curricular activity, face to face. 

During this introductory program to entrepreneurship for innovation in the food industry, students will learn the Lean Canvas model and all its parts, understanding its usefulness and advantages as a tool to analyze and develop an entrepreneurship initiative. They will apply the tool to cases related to innovation in the food industry, where co-creation with the client/user is especially necessary. The student will understand that the best way to validate a business idea is directly with the customer/user, building the product/service based on the problem-solution or product-market fit. The concept of Customer Development will be developed by adjusting its innovation through iterations and/or pivoting, to make it useful, understandable and attractive to the customer/user. This learning includes digital tools useful to lead a work team, to develop a business model, an innovation or a startup. The student will apply all this knowledge in the elaboration of a pitch, which allows to understand in an attractive way an idea or innovation and its different aspects to the target audience.